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What Is A Therapy Dog?
Therapy dogs or therapy animals are trained to be calm in public situations so that they can be of comfort to people. These animals are only allowed in places that have requested them to visit. Therapy animals enjoy being around people and physical contact. They are also very obedient. Even though therapy dogs and animals are not trained to do specific tasks, they are trained to provide stress relief.
How Do Therapy Dogs Serve The Community?
  • They visit nursing homes. Residents in nursing homes enjoy seeing these animals, because they often have had pets in the past. Residents always look forward to interacting with therapy dogs or animals.
  • They visit hospitals. Children’s hospitals often welcome these animals. Children who play with these animals stay positive and calm. They are happy to have something pleasurable to focus on. They forget they are sick when they are with these animals.
  • They help children learn. Schools and libraries are using therapy animals to help children learn to read. They help children with dyslexia and speech impediments. Children are happy to read to these animals. The animals help the children relax and concentrate.
  • They comfort victims of trauma. Victims of natural disasters, tragedy and abuse are comforted by therapy animals. These animals help people deal with difficult situations.
How Do We Support Therapy Dogs?
We assist in the training of therapy dogs or therapy animals. We also educate the public about the use of therapy dogs and therapy animals in various situations.


You can purchase a gift from our general Wish List to give to the K-9 or their handler.
You can make a Financial Donation to our organization to help us to purchase specific items that individual Police K-9 handlers have requested.
You can purchase an item from our Amazon Wish List for us to give to the dog and their handler.
You can attend and share our events or even volunteer to help with the event set-up and tear-down.
You can share our Facebook Page Dogs on Duty MO with your friends and tell others about what we do.
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