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What is a Police K-9?
A Police K-9 is a highly-trained, certified dog employed by a police department to do and go where the human officers cannot. Police K-9s are typically a German Shepherd, Dutch Shepherd, or Belgian Malinois (although other types of dogs can be used as well.) Police K-9s are owned by the department or municipality for which they work but are part of the individual handler’s family.
What Should I Know About Police K-9s?
How The Dog Lives:
  • They are family dogs and live with the handler and their family.
  • They are not mean: they are trained to apprehend and release on command.
  • Don’t approach a Police K-9 vehicle. The dogs are trained to protect the car.
  • Don’t pet a dog without express permission from the handler.
  • Police K-9s are not allowed in grocery stores or restaurants unless it is in the line of duty.
What Are Police K-9s Trained To Do?
The dogs are trained in apprehension, drug detection, search, tracking and protecting.
Police K-9s trained in apprehension are highly trained to apprehend a suspect until the handler can get there to take possession of the suspect.
Police K-9s trained in drug detection will search a specific area and notify the handler if drugs are present by either sitting in front of or scratching at the area.
Police K-9s trained in search and tracking will either smell an item that the subject has touched and then go find the person or smell the ground where that person walked and track the scent of the person that way. The dog will then notify the handler if the subject is found.
Police K-9s trained in protection are certified to protect the handler and the police vehicle.  These dogs are so highly-trained they only attack and release on command.
How Do We Support Police K-9s?
We will purchase or assist in the purchase of this equipment for the Police K-9s:
  • Police K-9 Kevlar (Bullet Proof) Vests
  • Police K-9 kennels
  • Pop lock systems for the Police K-9 vehicle
  • Even treats and reward toys for the Police K-9


You can purchase a gift from our general Wish List to give to the K-9 or their handler.
You can make a Financial Donation to our organization to help us to purchase specific items that individual Police K-9 handlers have requested.
You can purchase an item from our Amazon Wish List for us to give to the dog and their handler.
You can attend and share our events or even volunteer to help with the event set-up and tear-down.
You can share our Facebook Page Dogs on Duty MO with your friends and tell others about what we do.
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