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In 2013, after her own dogs were not able to qualify for Search and Rescue certification due to health concerns, founder Meribeth Broadway wanted to find ways in which she could offer support. After learning that the handlers of working dogs receive little to no support or funding for the expensive equipment and necessary expenses to carry out their duties, Meribeth combined her passion for supporting working dogs with her background in canine training and veterinary experience to begin Dogs on Duty. Since the founding, we have been able to donate resources to the working dog community. These items are necessary for the k9s' protection and assist with their mission. Dogs On Duty has vested police k9s with Kevlar.
We also provided a fully equipped police cruiser for a small northern Missouri municipality. Dogs On Duty has provided cooling vests, GPS tracking collars, and mukluks for search and rescue k9 teams. In 2017, Dogs On Duty started a Therapy Dog Program to take dogs to schools and other facilities. In 2018, the Therapy Dog Program was recognized by the American Kennel Club as being an AKC registered group. In addition, Dogs On Duty educates the public on different types of working dogs. As the needs of the organization and individuals we serve change, the gear and services we provide will also continue to change.
Dogs on Duty is a registered 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to provide support for working dogs. Many of these dogs are owned and handled by individuals with little to no fundraising means when emergencies and expenses occur. These k9 and handler teams give their time and talent to help others who need their services. Dogs On Duty assists with providing equipment and funds for these teams. 



We aim to support all types of working dogs. There are various types of working dogs, including military k9s, police k9s, search and rescue dogs, therapy dogs, and service dogs. As the needs of the organization and individuals we serve change, the services and gear we provide will also continue to change. Please consider ways you can help us help the community and working dogs. 
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You can purchase a gift from our general Wish List to give to the K-9 or their handler.
You can make a Financial Donation to our organization to help us to purchase specific items that individual Police K-9 handlers have requested.
You can purchase an item from our Amazon Wish List for us to give to the dog and their handler.
You can attend and share our events or even volunteer to help with the event set-up and tear-down.
You can share our Facebook Page Dogs on Duty MO with your friends and tell others about what we do.
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